Hollister Full Time Jobs

When working for Hollister in a full time position, in store, the company will require you to be motivated, enthusiastic and have the look that reflects their brand and ethos. Working for Hollister is seen as a high end, exclusive position to hold in the retail sector and this comes with the job benefits of a competitive wage plus discounts on all of the clothing stocked by Hollister.

Once you have obtained that all important position there is a massive opportunity to progress within the company. Starting on the shop floor there are other Hollister job opportunities which require a bit more job and management experience. These are outlined below are the positions:

Hollister Store Managers
Dynamic individuals who can lead and motivate their Hollister store team. Previous fashion or retail experience is a must.

Hollister Assistant Store Managers
Reliable, energetic, keen to learn and can be a invaluable number 2, you’ll be expected to lead the team and push sales, cash up and concentrate on the store growth

Hollister Full Time Store Supervisors & Sales Assistants
Team players who are used to working within and leading a team happily and successfully

Warehouse Managers
Organisers of stock that comes in on a weekly basis, making sure the shopping floor is constantly stocked with the latest collections